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Best Western Tequisquiapan because of its excellent location, its high standards of quality and the support of being part of a large chain of hotels you will get the best stay accompanied by the best service and the best food. Best Western Tequisquiapan has 54 rooms at your disposal: 17 single rooms, 23 double rooms, 10 Jr.Suites and 4 Master Suites.

The Best Western Hotel is located in the beautiful magic town of Tequisquiapan distinguished by its tranquility, clean air, great weather and the variety of activities that you can enjoy.

Tequisquiapan is the 2nd most important touristic place of the state of Queretaro

Circulo de Calidad Hotel Best Western Tequisquiapan
Distintivo M Hotel Best Western Tequisquiapan
Distintivo H Hotel Best Western Tequisquiapan


For you to enjoy a comfortable stay Best Western Tequisquiapan Hotel offers a wide variety of services

Hotel Best Western Centro de Negocios

Business Hall

Hotel Best Western Salon de Eventos Empresariales

Salon Business Events

Hotel Best Western Restaurante la Spezia

Restaurant "La Spezia"

Spa Studio 7 Hotel Best Western Tequisquiapan

Spa Studio 7



Meet the facilities of Hotel Best Western Tequisquiapan


Our rooms are distributed as follows


In Tequisquiapan you will find tourist attractions and activities organized by other companies

Hotel Best Western Tequisquiapan Actividad Vuelo en Globo

Vuelo en Globo

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Vuelo en Globo

Sites can be the same, the experience, no. Discover the best landscapes flying in hot air balloon.
Vuelo en Globo has the highest quality of service in aerostatic flights, to make your trip the best experience of your life ...

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Hotel Best Western Tequisquiapan Actividad Acueduc Tour

Acueduc Tour

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Acueduc Tour Tourist agency committed to providing the best service can be found in the region. Enjoy its different routes departing from Tequisquiapan.

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Hotel Best Western Tequisquiapan Actividad Peña de Bernal

Peña de Bernal

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Peña de Bernal

Just 39 kilometers from the town of Tequisquiapan is the imposing Peña de Bernal, a rock formation of approximately 300 meters. This monolith nestled in the Sierra Gorda Queretaro is considered the world's third largest...

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Hotel Best Western Tequisquiapan Actividad Feria del Queso y el Vino

Wine and Cheese Fair

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Fair of Wine and Cheese

Is celebrated in Tequisquiapan the National Fair Cheese and Wine (FNQV), an opportunity to enjoy the best that this magical town offers. This fair seeks to live art as an expression that binds to wine and cheese, and accompanying a varied program of activities already looks the names of prominent bands...

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Enjoy the events that will be organized soon at the Best Western Tequisquiapan Hotel

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Hotel Best Western Tequisquiapan Eventos
Hotel Best Western Tequisquiapan Eventos
Hotel Best Western Tequisquiapan Eventos


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